Toddler's Diarrhea ~ What's That?!


Toddler's diarrhea ~ What's that?!
Ever wonder why young children seem healthy but are having loose stools? It is likely a condition called TODDLER'S DIARRHEA or functional diarrhea and it is RARELY something to worry about.
This condition is defined as 3-5 loose, sometimes watery and large stools daily for more than 3 weeks. Usually starts somewhere between 1-2 year of age. There are no associated symptoms:
➡️ No appetite changes
➡️ No weight loss
➡️ No blood in stools
➡️ No pain
So what's the cause? Most common:
▶️ Excess sweetened beverages such as fruit juice OR
▶️ Low fiber in the diet
✅ Limit fruit juices to 4oz daily; Fruits are fine as they have fiber
✅ Increase fiber in diet with foods like apples & pears (with peels) and organic potatoes with peels. Chia seeds are great for fiber and fat as well.
✅ Increase fat in diet such as switching to whole fat milk, avocados, chia seeds
If persistent, check in with your child's doctor to make sure nothing more serious is happening.
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