ThriveWell Travel Medicine Kit: Holistic Medicine on the Go!

ThriveWell Travel Medicine Kit ~ Holistic Medicine on the Go!

Traveling is so much fun!
WHERE are you headed this year?
Be prepared and have a great time!

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Traveling around other people and through airports exposes us to lots of respiratory germs. A new place may have new to you environmental allergy particles & may cause congestion along with itchy, watery eyes.

Nasal Saline
Simple & easy to use.  Nasal saline is great for washing out allergy and viral particles to prevent symptoms of congestion.  You can use this preventatively after traveling on an airplane.  Now, if you happen to get a cold or cough, use the nasal saline every 2-3 hours to keep the mucous thin and draining better. 
Brands: Ocean, AYR, Little Noses, many brands available

Eucalyptus essential oil
Eucalyptus is great for breaking up congestion and cough.  MIX 1 tsp of a carrier oil like COCONUT OIL with 5-6 drops of eucalyptus oil and apply to chest and feet as needed for cold symptoms.  Another OPTION is to put a few drops of the oil into sink water in the bathroom and steam up the bathroom with a hot shower and breath the eucalyptus vapor for a steam treatment.  HIGHLY EFFECTIVE and safe for all. 
Brand: Mountain Rose Herbs

**Eucalyptus is also part of our insect repellent recipe (see our blog post) so has many uses!**

Gut Healthy Travel
Traveling means different and good food, hopefully and exposure to different water.  It also means that we can get tired, overstimulated and car or seasick.  Being prepared for for belly troubles will make traveling a GUT HEALTHY EXPERIENCE!

S. boulardii
Fantastic probiotic for diarrhea and associated abdominal pain.  Take along as a capsule - can open this for children and adults can swallow the capsule.
Brands:          Klaire Labs (needs refrigerated ideally)
                       Orthomolecular Floraboost powder (does NOT need refrigeration)
                       Florastor – found over the counter in packets or capsules

Gripe water
Contains dill, ginger and fennel which are awesome digestive herbs.  Helpful for gas and nausea
Brands: Mommy’s Bliss, Garden of Life

Nux Vomica
Gentle homeopathic remedy useful for nausea, bloating and abdominal pain
Brand: Hylands

Useful for motion sickness and great for inflammation associated with injuries too!
Brand: Reed’s Chewables or as a tea


Can happen anytime!  It always seems little ones get sick as we are getting ready to travel or while traveling.  Having a few items on hand will help ease the fever stress!

Homeopathic remedy useful for fevers that rise rapidly associated with irritability
Brand: Hylands or Boiron

Ferrum phosphoricum
Homeopathic remedy for fevers that are slow to rise and more persistent
Brand: Hylands or Boiron

Peppermint Essential Oil
Useful when applied to neck and feet for fever; better for lower grade fevers
**ALSO can be used for headaches and muscle aches as a compress**
Brand: Mountain Rose Herbs

Unpredictable ~ accidents and falls can occur anywhere.  These remedies are good for the home medicine cabinet too!

Homeopathic herbal remedy useful for immediate care of muscle bruising from falls; can be used as pellets or cream/gels.  Also, great for pain of stinging insects especially flea and ant bites
Brand: Boiron

Peppermint Essential Oil
Can be applied directly to temples for a headache
Apply to a cool washcloth and lay on injury site – great for muscle inflammation
Do not use on broken skin
Brand: Mountain Rose Herbs


Traveling brings about new exposures for your skin too!  Having a holistic remedies on hand will get the skin healed up and feeling better quick!

Oregon Grape root tincture
Apply a few drops to a cotton swab or gauze pad and apply to skin that may be infected (usually crusted, oozing, red and tender)
Brand: HerbPharm

Tea Tree Essential Oil
Can be used for any mild skin infection from bacteria or yeast; also useful for skin irritation from exposure to plants and grasses
Brand: Mountain Rose Herbs

Lavender Essential Oil
Useful for almost any skin rash, mild skin infections
Brand: Mountain Rose Herbs

Coconut Oil
Fantastic for moisturizing and as a carrier oil for any essential oil in your holistic travel bag!
Use organic unrefined coconut oil
Other options: shea butter or cocoa butter


Conventional Medicines
When traveling, it is always good to have options.  Keep a couple of conventional medicines on hand when holistic remedies are not available.

Good for pain and fever (children older than 6m of age);  anti-inflammatory

Good for pain and fever (for children under 6m of age)

Zyrtec and/or Benadryl
Effective antihistamines for allergic reactions or skin reactions


Stay safe and ENJOY your travels!



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