Skin Care: Insect Repellent ~ You are what You Absorb!

bug bites bugs deet Jun 22, 2023

The ThriveWell Pediatrician's Take on Insect Repellents

🦟 It's outdoor time and with that come mosquitos and other flying, biting insects! No fun!

🦟 Prevention is the first step ~

✅ Limit time outdoors at dawn and early evening
✅ Wear protective clothing
✅ Use mosquito netting which can be found to fit on car seats and strollers
✅ Use insect repellant

WHAT insect repellent is SAFE for kids?
DEET is the primary ingredient in most commercially available insect repellents and is effective but did you know
☑️ You should only use and apply DEET repellents ONCE a day
☑️ Not use sunscreen and DEET combinations as sunscreen has to be applied multiple times to be effective
☑️ Need to wash skin with soap and water coming indoors to prevent excess absorption


Ideally skip the DEET as it has the potential to irritate the skin with redness and swelling. DEET in rare instances can cause nervous system side effects like seizures when it gets over absorbed or gets in the mouth. Kids are notorious for putting hands in their mouths and touching their face so using an essential oil based insect repellent is safer! .

➡️ Our recipe includes essential oils and witch hazel. This mixture can be applied every couple of hours for great protection against bites. If you would like our recipe, head over to our website to get this easy DIY recipe to make with your kids! 

Click here: Easy DIY Bug Repellent


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