Kitchen Hack: Sage for Sore Throats

Kitchen Hacks for Natural Healing


You will find sage at ANY grocery store. Amazing for sore throats!
Head to head studies show that sage along with echinacea is more effective than lidocaine!

Sage is an astringent which means that is pulls fluid out of swollen tissue. A sore throat creates swelling which causes tightness, irritation and pain.

Sage is also anti-inflammatory and an antiseptic herb so it helps get rid of bacteria and viruses that cause illness especially in the throat!

Check out the recipe to make a tea to drink or use as a gargle:

Sage tea does not always taste great, so ADD some ginger, honey or lemon for drinking. To get the anti-inflammatory effect of the ginger along with sage, grate ginger and add to sage leaves before pouring the boiled water over the herbs.

Remember that children under the age of 1yr should NOT have honey but you can use molasses!


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