Kitchen Hack: Garlic Oil for Ear Pain

🥕 🥑 There is so much medicine in our own KITCHENS and GARDENS too! This series of kitchen hacks will help you discover the power of your PANTRY. Each blog feature will be an herb or food that has healing properties and we'll teach you how to use it. 🥕 🥑

Prescription medications are useful but tend to have SIDE EFFECTS! Medicine from your kitchen is easy and accessible to everyone. And just as amazing, kitchen medicine is EFFECTIVE!🍇 🍒

Ear infections are a common childhood illness. Most doctors will prescribe antibiotics but The ThriveWell Pediatricians don't and here is why...

We DON'T prescribe antibiotics a lot because about 75% of ear infections will resolve on their own BUT there is still pain and fever to deal with. So we want to keep patients comfortable while the body heals itself. How? GARLIC OIL!!

We know there is a shortage! You can make your own garlic oil! A healthy kitchen hack for healing right at home.

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