"IT HURTS TO SWALLOW" -- Sore Throats Are No Fun!
Sore throat is a COMMON symptom associated with allergies, coughs and colds (due to viruses like the common cold, adenovirus, COVID and so many more!) along with illnesses like strep throat. Regardless of the cause, pain in the throat is the common denominator. If the swallowing pain can be managed, we can rest and stay hydrated more easily!
Colds create thick mucous in the nose which drips into the throat causing inflammation. The inflammatory response causes our immune system to send cells to help clean up but along the way, chemicals are released causing pain alerting us that something is wrong and our body is fighting off the illness.
Coughs due to illness creates a sore throat from stretching muscles and tissue. This swelling puts pressure on the nerve endings in the throat and causes pain.
Allergies, like colds, cause a sore throat from the allergy particle itself. Allergies, especially to outdoor stuff like grass, trees, cause nasal congestion and drainage which is creates irritation, itchiness and pain in the throat.
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What to do when your throat hurts?

Turns out there are lots of natural remedies that are VERY effective!
🧂 Salt water gargling draws out the swelling reducing pressure on the nerves in the throat. EASY KITCHEN HACK!
🌿 Plants like sage and echinacea reduce irritation in the throat. Mix 1 tbsp. each of sage and echinacea tinctures (extracts) with 2 1/2 oz of water, shake well and gargle. This mixture has been shown to be AS effective as LIDOCAINE which is a great pain reliever.
🌿 Sage tea is remarkably effective and is easily found in the grocery store. Awesome KITCHEN HACK for sore throats! Cut up a handful of sage leaves, pour freshly boiled water over the leaves, allow to brew for 5-7 minutes, cool and strain. Add honey, lemon or ginger for added effect and drink every 2-3 hours.
🌿 Slippery Elm - coats the throat to reduce pain and inflammation. Found as one of the herbs in Throat Coat Tea by Traditional Medicinals. Brew a cup with 1 teabag and drink every few hours.
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