Making Veggies FUN for you and the kids! Stay cool and HYDRATE

diy hydrate veggies Jul 21, 2023

Make VEGGIES fun for YOU and the KIDS! Even though we are talking about "Back to School" already, that doesn't mean the HEAT and SUN are going anywhere fast so it will STILL be hot and we will STILL need those cooling treats that are healthy and fun. 

 Check out this video and recipe for a childhood classic, FREEZIE pops but the HEALTHY ones that are hydrating and full of antioxidants and powerful vitamins! These are great for any picky eater or anyone who could use an extra serving of GREENS and its wrapped up like a cool treat. The fruit and veggie combos are endless and don't be afraid to add in some coconut water or even Greek yogurt. 

Freezie Pops



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